Creating Change


Seeing the city as a playground

At the Detroit Leadership Foundation, we seek to envision a city described in Zechariah 8: 4-5 

“Old men and old women will come back to Jerusalem, sit on benches on the streets and spin tales, move around safely with their canes—a good city to grow old in. And boys and girls will fill the public parks, laughing and playing—a good city to grow up in.”

Our Mission

We exist to equip leaders and empower underserved communities for the spiritual and social renewal of the city of Detroit.

Engaging leaders of good faith and good will

The Detroit Leadership Foundation brings people together to work together for the common good of the city. We move isolated individuals to collaborative engagement.

People from different backgrounds, faith traditions, and sectors of the city.

Building the capacity of others

Our goal at the Detroit Leadership Foundation is to move under-resourced work to empowered action. We were accepted as a leadership foundation in 2021 and already we are working to build the capacity of individuals, churches and non-profit organizations.
We are committed to serving our city and its most vulnerable through engagement in local justice issues.

Developing Joint Initiatives

We move independent efforts to collective impact. It will take all of us to address the most significant challenges that our city faces. 

Detroit Leadership Foundation is bringing together people from across the city to tackle these challenges head on!


With over 200 years of ministry experience

Allen Sheffield

Board Member

Program Committee

Lisa Johanon

Board Member

Fund Development Committee

Craig Nash

Board Member

Fund Development Committee

Harvey Carey

Board Member

Program Committee

Mark VanAndel

Board Member

Program Committee


Transforming the city of Detroit for over 40 years

Kyle Lake

Staff Member

Executive Director

Loving our City into greatness

Real Change Requires Real Relationships. Join Us!