LFLC Member Highlight: H Spees

It is both a privilege and honor to continue to serve LF through the Leadership Council. I deeply believe in the work of the network. And I am truly convinced that cities are healed–both spiritually and socially--through the power of relationships.

I began my LF journey several decades ago to help found and serve as president of the Local Leadership Foundation in Fresno, California–today known as the Center for Community Transformation. I have also had the honor of serving at the Leadership Foundations global office as Senior Vice President of Growth and Network Development.

In all of my time at LF, I continue to view it as remarkably unique in its strategic point of view:

Building the unity of the body of Christ within a city, while also applying that power to help the various sectors of city work together on behalf of the poorest and most marginalized.

Today I serve as the Director of Housing and Homeless Services for the City of Fresno, the poorest city in California and one of the poorest cities in the US. We have seemingly insurmountable needs to address in our city. And that means being incredibly strategic in how we allocate and leverage our resources.

Leadership Foundations has been both pivotal and essential in helping us heal the city of Fresno, build partnerships with other cities, and see real healing for the vulnerable.

I am so grateful to serve as a member of LF’s Leadership Council.

In these days of ideological gerrymandering, I am so grateful to be a part of LF, a diverse network of friends and colleagues who are united around tackling tough urban issues. I continue to be spiritually fed from the LFLC as well, recognizing that city-wide transformation also means personal transformation as well.

To my fellow LFLC members – Thank you for being a part of this growing movement and, for me, a deeply important community.

In Gratitude,
H Spees


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